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Aura Energy offers the following line of Products

HELIOS Home Lighting Systems

Aura Energy's Solar Home Lighting Systems harness solar energy to provide pollution-free power for small applications in rural and suburban households with intermittent to no access to conventional electricity. The Home Lighting Systems provides an affordable, sustainable solution by running DC devices instead of conventional AC devices, thereby efficiently using solar energy without having to contend with conversion losses from AC to DC. There are two ranges of home lighting systems

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HELIOS SL Solar Street Lighting

The HELIOS SL series Solar Street Lights are an ideal choice for architectural and commercial pathway lighting applications. Aura Energy's Solar Street Lighting Systems are equipped with high efficiency CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) and LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) with lifespans ranging from 9,000 hours for CFLs and 50,000+ hours for LEDs. The HELIOS SL Series Solar Street Lights work independent of electricity grids and allow for easy and low cost installation with no need for trenching and cables.

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HELIOS SG Solar Power Packs

The HELIOS SG Solar Power Packs user solar energy to power up your everyday appliances. The high-efficient power packs can be used independently without any grid supplied electricity as stand alone installations or in conjunction with conventional power as backup systems.

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HELIOS SP Solar Water Pumps

The HELIOS SP Solar Water Pumps submersible pump work through a patented system of opposite and equilibrated pistons activated by cams and rollers in oil bath moved by a permanent magnet. The pumps are ideal for providing ground water to communities and for drip irrigation purposes and work independent of grid electricity with smart controls that guarantees a continuous supply of water.

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Solar Hybrid Inverter

Introducing Aura Energy's Solar Hybrid Inverter that is designed to work with Solar Power and with conventional grid electricity, providing uninterrupted power supply to you. Aura Energy's Solar Hybrid Inverter includes SmartSwitch technology that efficiently switches between Solar Power and Grid Electricity to bring cost-savings to every consumer.

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Solar Panels

Aura Energy's Solar Panels ensures customers the very best in Quality, Durability and Performance. Each of our Solar Panels comes standard with a 10 year Product Warranty and a 25 year Performance Warranty. Our Solar Panels can be used for a wide variety of applications such as Solar Home Lighting Systems, Solar Street Lights, Solar Rooftop Installations and many more. Contact us today at sales@auraenergy.com or call us Toll-Free at 1-800-103-6749 to get a direct quote within 24 hours.

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